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The Quattro foot-reinforced version, consists of 4 layers of 100% pure alpaca wool with a foot reinforcement which consists of an additional layer of 100% pure alpaca wool, incorporated into the lower 30% of the blanket, making it a perfect Duvet for those who suffer from Raynaud Syndrom or cold feet. The foot reinforcement can be easily removed or reattached at any time depending on your needs.


The Quattro consists of two duo winter duvets and has a very fine cotton cover. Both duvets are connected with snaps, but can also be used separately. Therefore, the duvet can be fully customized to suit your seasonal sleeping needs, making it the perfect companion for spring, summer, fall and winter.


Sizes and prices :

140 x 200 cm - € 829*

140 x 220 cm - € 869*

240 x 220 cm - € 1529*

260 x 240 cm - € 1659*


* Delivery time : 1 week

** Delivery time : 4 - 6  months


All our alpaca duvets can be hand-washed (max. 30 °C) or cleaned by a cleaning company as indicated on the product label.

Foot Reinforced Quattro Duvet

€ 829,00Price
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