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Glerups Shoes

Glerups closed back
Glerups open back
Glerups open grosse resolution BR02_Charcoal_5
Gelrups felt sole
Glerups sole grosse resolution BR02_Charcoal_6

Our range of wonderful Glerups slippers invites you to experience your home like on clouds. The incredible comfort effect kicks in right after putting them on, and you'll never want to take them off again.

All our Glerups slippers are made from felted, pure, and untreated sheep's wool and feature a particularly flexible and durable natural rubber sole. They are pleasantly warm and soft, conforming to the shape of your foot in an extremely comfortable way.

We offer a closed-back and an open-back model. Both models are machine washable, although the soft wool felt made from pure wool, which provides excellent warmth, makes this rarely necessary. The natural sheep's wool is neither chemically cleaned nor otherwise treated, offering skin-friendly and odor-neutral properties, making your slippers the perfect home shoe. The material is breathable and ensures a good foot climate.


8-10 mm thick felt sole of 100% pure natural wool in the color charcoal.
It keeps the foot warm and is the ultimate isolation for your footwear. The sole is suitable for all kinds of shoes and boots for adults and children (e.g. rubber boots, riding boots, work shoes and hiking boots).
Note: The soles are only available in every third size, but can easily be cut down to a lower size.


Open-back model: €90

Closed-back model: €95

Felt soles: €12

Availability: All sizes of both models, from 36 to 46, in the color anthracite, are in stock and available in our physical shop, not online. 

Care: Machine washable .

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