Pure alpaca wool duvets are ideally warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. They provide deep, calm and restful sleep. Our duvets are available in many standard sizes. Below you will find our most popular duvets by category. The price displayed is in each case for the smallest size. For a comprehensive pricing list and for more details, click on each product.

For any order or inquiries, please write at any time to info@naturalice.eu

Summer Duvet

The summer duvet has one light layer of pure alpaca wool and is ideal for spring, summer and fall.

As of 175€

Duo Duvet

The Duo winter duvet consists of two equal layers of pure alpaca wool with
an air layer in between sewn together in one duvet. This leads to a very
comfortable warmth feeling. This duvet is particularly suitable for late fall
and winter, but many people also appreciate it all year round.

As of 215€

Four Seasons

The 4 Seasons duvet with pure alpaca wool filling is ideal for all year round
and consists of two separate duvets, one lighter summer duvet and one
thicker autumn duvet, which can be tied together with press studs or used
separately as needed. This duvet is the perfect companion for spring,
summer, fall and winter.

As of 295€

Four Seasons Extra Warm

The 4 Seasons duvet "extra warm" is suitable for all seasons for people who need it warmer since it is composed of a summer and a Duo winter duvet with a fine cotton cover which are connected with press studs. Therefore, the duvet can be fully adapted to your seasonal needs, which makes it perfect for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

As of 415€