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About us

Since 2012 the name Naturalice stands for the highest quality in the sustainable and ecological production of alpaca wool bedware in line with best animal welfare standards. Naturalice is a family business that runs an alpaca farm for the production of premium alpaca wool products and is located in a picturesque, historically protected Flemish area.


Our alpacas live on organically maintained pastures without artificial fertilizers and without pesticides and have free access to their stables and meadows all year round. Their well-being is also guaranteed through nutritionally balanced feed that is specially adapted to their needs and mixed by ourselves.


Once a year our alpacas are shorn and their wool is carefully sorted by hand. It is then washed, combed and hand-worked into finest cotton cloth. Part of the work is carried out by a partner family businesses with great experience in the manufacture of high-quality bedding.

More about our farm


As it happens sometimes in the home countries of the alpacas, Chile and Peru, our alpacas are living in mixed herds with nandus. In South America alpacas and nandus like to live together and warn each other in case of danger. At our farm they peacefully spent their time together. 


Our Anatolian Shepherd as their protector is well integrated in our alpaca herd, greeting every newborn with kind curiosity and patrolling the fields.

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