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We currently have over 150 different types of ergonomic pillows, making us the world's largest producer in this area. We often combine several different fillings in one pillow.

Our natural fillings:

  • Alpaca wool

  • Natural latex feathers

  • Buckwheat husks

  • Pine wood chips

  • Various sleep enhancing natural herbs

Please find below a small selection of our various pillow models.

Our ergonomic pillows made from 100% natural materials offer unique comfort and, depending on the pillow type and filling material, are soft to firm. This allows your head, neck and shoulders to rest in a comfortable position. They help to avoid or at least significantly relieve neck and shoulder tension as well as headaches and back pain that can result from uncomfortbale positions. You will finally sleep soundly again and wake up completely rested. We use our various, extremely high-quality and natural filling materials both in pure form and mixed together. This leads to the unique opportunity to adapt the pillows precisely to your needs. We therefore recommend making an appointment with us so that we can adjust your pillow perfectly here on site. The ideal pillow usually forms a unit with the ideal mattress adapted to the pillow and your personal comfort needs. We therefore attach great importance to showing you the best combination of your personal pillow and the best matching mattress during your visit, if you like. Of course, you can also adjust the filling of the pillows you buy online to suit your needs by, if necessary, removing part of the filling from the pillows that are filled to the maximum for shipping.

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