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For your health and the environment 

Tense shoulders, stress, lack of exercise and daylight?

Free therapy with alpacas

Many people suffer from severe shoulder tensions, stress, lack of exercise, fresh air and daylight and the resulting sleep disorders. Head, neck and back pain resulting from working at the computer for hours is often also a serious problem.

By chance, we found out that the physical activity of collecting alpaca manure with a rake relieves shoulder tension surprisingly quickly. In addition, working in the middle of the alpaca herd has a strong calming effect and stimulates a deep and healthy night's sleep.

Alpaca manure is the best fertilizer that nature has created for your vegetable garden or ornamental garden, your trees and shrubs or lawn. It contains a rich microbiome that restores the natural biological balance of your soil. In addition, it contains an extremely valuable mixture of vitamins, minerals and bioactive substances that optimally supply your soil with all the necessary vital substances and optimally support the growth of your plants. It can be incorporated into the soil either fresh or pre-composted at any time of the year. Alpaca manure has an ideal consistency and is therefore easy to collect and to transport.

At Naturalice you can take this high-quality fertilizer that you have collected yourself with you for free. We provide the necessary materials such as special rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows. All you need to bring is suitable clothing and bags or buckets for the collected manure.

If you are interested, call us (0499.89.81.44) or send us an email ( to make an appointment.
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