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Our Mattresses

Phantastic Properties

  • Outstanding dimensional stability

  • Great longevity

  • Perfect point-elastic suspension

  • Optimal body adaptation

  • Ideal air and moisture circulation through integrated channels

  • Mould resistant

  • Pure and natural product

  • Chemical-free

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Naturally anti-viral and anti-bacterial

  • Ecological and environment friendly 

  • Latex made from certified sustainable forest management

100% Natural Latex Mattresses

What makes our mattrasses so special?

Our mattresses are made from 100% natural latex with all the benefits of this natural product.

This fantastic natural product has proven to be a real miracle in the manufacture of high-quality mattresses. Using a specialized foaming process, it has been possible to achieve a controlled hardening of latex while enclosing many fine air bubbles. This ensures that a unique suspension of different degrees of hardness with first-class rigidity and impressive durability are created.

Mattresses made of 100% natural latex are ideal for back, stomach and side sleepers and offer fantastic point elasticity and body adaptation, which leads to restful and deep sleep.

They are particularly suitable for alleviating and preventing neck, back and shoulder problems as well as headaches. The shoulder and pelvic area as well as the back, neck, head and legs are optimally supported.

Unsuitable, saggy or too old mattresses can lead to severe tension in various parts of the body, which is particularly noticeable in the morning and often lasts well into the day.

At the same time, our 100% natural latex mattresses offer excellent air and moisture ventilation, as they have an integrated natural ventilation system consisting of many pores and integrated channels.

The rubber tree produces latex to protect itself from insects, bacteria, viruses and fungi. This property is of exceptional importance, especially in the manufacture of mattresses.

For this reason, mattresses made of 100% natural latex are mite-resistant and therefore hypoallergenic. Our 100% natural latex mattresses are an absolute blessing, especially for people who are allergic to house dust mites. For the same reason, mattresses made from 100% natural latex are anti-mould, antibacterial and antiviral.

Our high-quality 100% natural latex mattresses are an ideal investment in your health and well-being!

Barrel Pocket Spring Mattresses

Our 100% natural latex barrel shaped pocket spring core mattresses offer the same advantages as the natural latex mattresses described above.

They are particularly suitable for people who sweat heavily thanks to their additional ventilation layer. They also offer heavier people a perfect and lasting suspension. Barrel pocket spring cores are the top class of all spring cores and are additionally combined with the advantages of 100% natural latex mattresses.

Good to Know

For maximum lying and sleeping comfort, we offer our 100% natural latex mattresses in the firmness levels :

  • Soft

  • Medium-Soft (only in our local shop)

  • Medium

  • Medium-Firm (only in our local shop)

  • Firm

We offer different mattress heights, depending on your needs (shoulder and hip width, weight or personal comfort level) :

  • 17 cm

  • 21 cm

  • 25 cm

  • Higher or lower if required

Our 100% natural latex mattresses have a very high-quality and easy-care mattress cover made of three-layer organic cotton (kbA), filled with extra-soft, quilted organic cotton fleece (300g/m2). This cover has an all-round zip and can be washed at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle. Like the latex mattress core, it is also suitable for allergy sufferers.


Our 100% natural latex mattresses can be optimally combined with our mattress toppers filled with pure alpaca wool or 100% natural latex toppers. These mattress toppers make the gap between the mattresses disappear and offer additional maximum lying comfort both in summer and in winter.


We also offer Molton mattress protectors with corner rubbers made from 100% organic cotton (kbA). They are washable at 95 degrees and suitable for tumble drying.


Our various, metal-free wooden slatted frame models with adjustable comfort zones are perfectly matched to our 100% natural latex mattresses and also support the unique lying properties.


Our metal-free swiss stone pine plate slats offer an unsurpassable additional point elasticity of our natural mattresses and also make it easier to fall asleep thanks to the essential oils of the swiss stone pine wood.

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