Thick, soft to the touch and pleasantly warm, our mattress toppers are filled with 100% pure alpaca wool with a cover made out of finest cotton. It is placed directly under the sheet on the mattress, and held in place by elastic loops sewn to the four corners. Our mattress toppers are anti-allergic, humidity and thermoregulating and anti-rheumatic.


Standard sizes (all other sizes up to 270 x 270 cm can be produced):

70 x 140 cm*

80 x 200 cm*

90 x 200 cm**

100 x 200 cm**

120 x 200 cm**

140 x 200 cm**

160 x 200 cm**

180 x 200 cm**

200 x 200 cm**


* Delivery time 1 - 3 days

** Production time 3 - 4 weeks


Our alpaca mattress toppers can be hand-washed (max. 30 °C) or cleaned by a cleaning company as indicated on the product label.


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